Mayor Cindy Gagné


Mayor Cindy Gagné

   I accepted my first oath of office for the position of Councilwoman in January 2000 and served in that capacity until May 2009 at which time I was appointed by Council to the position of Mayor.


   I have lived in the Omak area with my parents and sisters since 1963 and graduated from Omak High School.


   My husband Bill and I were married in 1985.  We are a blended family consisting of five children, their spouses and significant others and three beautiful granddaughters.


   Bill and I are avid soccer fans and are involved with the youth programs in the Okanogan Vally.  We enjoy participating in and watching all kinds of competitive sports, outdoor recreation and gardening.


   It is my pleasure to serve on the Board of Directors for several organizations committed to community service.