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Omak is located at the foot of the Okanogan Highlands in Okanogan County.  The City of Omak was officially incorporated in February 11, 1911.  Omak has a current population of 4,835.  We have the luxury of large-scale stores, historic downtown shopping, medical facilities, outdoor activities, a strong education system and our signature event, the Omak Stampede.  All four seasons are alive and thriving in our region.  Home is where the heart is and Omak is the heart of the Okanogan.  Come and visit us!



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The Omak City Hall is accessible to persons with disabilities. Hearing, visually impaired or limited english proficient persons or anyone requiring special accommodations should contact the City Clerk one week in advance of the meeting by calling (509) 826-1170 or email kathyl@omakcity.com


Cindy Gagné
, Mayor


2013 Water Quality Report

City of Omak

We're pleased to provide you with this year's Annual Water Quality Report.  We want to keep you informed about the monitoring, and quality of your water.  Our goal is and always has been, to provide to you a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. Eastside, Northeast, Okoma, and OWP Wells are supplying the City's drinking water.





The City Council of the City of Omak adopted the Final Budget for 2015
on Monday, December 15, 2014, at the regular Council meeting. 
You can view the budget by selecting the link below.  A hard copy of the

document can be obtain from Omak City Hall, 2 N Ash Street.  



Omak Public Works Department will be implementing a mosquito control program this year.  This is the first year the crew will directly take on these responsibilities.  Spring has sprung a little earlier than usual and we are scrambling to get the necessary equipment and supplies to get going.  We have been working with Moses Lake Mosquito District #1 and vendors to come up with a program that will fit the needs of our City. 
  Larvacides and adulticides will be used to control the mosquitos.  Larvacides will be applied to known breeding sites to reduce the adult hatch of mosquitos.  Adulticides will generally be applied in the evening hours after dusk.
  We don't expect to get all of the mosquitos, but we should see significant reductions in numbers.  Our program will span over several months and we should see better results than previous single aerial applications.
  Mosquitos can hatch in very small quantities of water.  We need everyone to look around their houses and businesses for receptacles that hold unneeded water.  An old tire, bucket, garbage can lid, unmaintained bird bath, etc., will produce a hatch that will infest neighboring properties and re-populate previously treated areas.  To have a successful program, we all will need to be diligent in our efforts.



Community Events

June 2015

 May 29, 2015
Wenatchee Valley College Spring Fling

 June 9, 2015
Culpepper Merriweather Circus


June 10, 2015


Omak City Pool
Free Swim

 June 16, 2015
 Farmer's Market
 June 19th - 20th   Art in the Park
Omak Battleground
3 on 3 Basketball


 June 23, 2015
 Farmer's Market