Pursuant to RCW 39.34.040, an interlocal agreement "shall be filed with the county auditor or, alternatively, listed by subject on a public agency's website or other electronically retrievable public source."





Inquiries regarding interlocal agreements may be directed to the City Clerk's Office at:


City of Omak

PO Box 72 - 2 N Ash Street

Omak, WA  98841


509-826-6531 (Fax)







Bellevue, City of - Resolution No. 23-2004 Interlocal Purchasing Agreement
Chelan, Douglas, Grant & Okanogan County Area Res. 32-93  Fire Services Major Incident Mutual Assistant 
Cities in Okanogan County - MOA Arbitration of Criminal Justice Costs 
Colville Indian Power Veneer, Fire District No. 3 - Res. 13-2002 Fire Prevention and Protection Services 

Colville Confederated Tribes - Resolution 32-2010 

Colville Confederated Tribes - Resolution 10-2012

Colville Confederated Tribes - Resolution 49-2014


Colville Confederated Tribes - Resolution 54-2013


Colville Conf. Tribes, Omak Stampede - Resolution 42-2014


Colville Conf. Tribes - Resolution 18-2014



Dance Pavilion in Eastside Park 

Designation of Eastside Park for Fireworks Discharge

4th of July Fireworks Agreement


Cultural Resourse Survey - Phase 4B on Sewer Project


Memoranduam of Agreement


Archeological Monitoring - RV Park Electrical Upgrade


Conconully, Town of - Resolution 20-2008


Coulee Dam - Resolution 53-2014

Use of Sander Truck for Filling Sandbags


Use of Solids Pump

Ferry, Okanogan Counties, Cities of Omak & Okanogan 32-92 Land Use Planning Agreement 
Okanogan County Fire District No. 3 - Resolution 82-2009 Equipment & Maintenance Services 
Grays Harbor PUD - Resolution 04-2003 

Purchasing Agreement 

King County Directors' Association - Resolution 51-2010


Local Govt. Investment Pool - Resolution 08-2014


Nespelem, Town of - Resolution 44-2012



Investment Participation Agreement


Storm System Damage

North Central Washington Narcotics Task Force 
Res. 32-2013
Operational Agreement
North Central Washington Special Response Team - 27-2003  Police Services 
North Central Regional Library District - Res. 30-2005 Building Use and Maintenance Agreement 

Office of the Courts - Resolution 52-2013

Okanogan Council of Governments - Resolution 07-2018


Okanogan County Fire District No. 3 - Res. 29-2007

Technology Purchase Agreement for Court Equipment

Interlocal Membership Agreement

Omak Fire Chief Services 

Okanogan County Fire District No. 3 - Resolution 27-2014

Okanogan County Fire District No. 3 


Okanogan County Fire District No. 3 - Res. 10-2013



Omak Fire Chief's Salary

Mutual Aid Agreement - 1979 


Equipment Maintenance Services



Okanogan County  Financing of Reconstruction of Stampede Arena Equestrian 
Okanogan County  Solid Waste Disposal System 
Okanogan County - Resolution 05-2002 Infrastructure Funds 
Okanogan County - Resolution 1-99 Joint Land Use Growth Management Plan 
Okanogan County - Resolution 17-2003 GIS Mapping Services 
Okanogan County - Resolution 34-2002 Provide Law Enforcement and Mutual Aid and Mobilization 
Okanogan County - Resolution 27-2004  Amendment for Additional Public Facilities Funding 
Okanogan County - Resolution 29-2004  County Wide Planning Partnership in Okanogan County 
Okanogan County Financing Public Facilities Stampede Arena & Grounds 
Okanogan County - Resolution 31-2006  Okanogan County Emergency Response Plan 
Okanogan County - Resolution 91-2009  Approving County Wide Shoreline Master Program Update
Okanogan County - Resolution 02-2006  Establishing a County Wide Regional Shoreline Mngmt Program 

Okangaon County  

Okanogan County Resolution - 18-2012

Okanogan County Resolution - 15-2012

Provisions of Services for Misdemeanor Offenses by Adults 

Ballot Box at Police Station
Sewer Treatment Plant Bin Relocation

Okanogan County - Resolution 41-2014 NCW Drug Task Force 2014-2015
Okanogan County & Washington State DOT - Res. 13-94 Cooperative Transportation Planning & Development 
Okanogan County Emergency Services Organization  Emergency Services
Okanogan County Fire District No. 3

Okanogan County Fire District No. 3 - Resolution 45-2013

Okanogan County Fire District No. 3 - Resolution 21-2015
Fire Department HVAC Systems Sharing Costs 

Omak Fire hall Lese for Equipment to August 2018

Fire Protection, Tribal Gaming, City of Omak

Okanogan County Public Works - Resolution 75-2010  


Okanogan County Public Works - Res. 28-2013


Okanogan County Public Works - Res. 35-2013

Move Sewer Treatment Plant Compost Bins in 2011


Move Sewer Treatment Plant Compost Bins

Sand Flat Road Dust & Soil Erosion Spray

Okanogan County - Resolution 06-2005 Dispatch Services 
Okanogan County - Resolution 05-2006 Fire Reporting Software 
Okanogan County - Resolution 58-2008 Purchase Sand for Winter Traction Control 

Okanogan County, Oroville-Tonasket Irrg District-Res 19-2004 


Okanogan County and County Cities - Res. 40-2014

Okanogan County - Resolution 64-2014

Resolution 40-2015

Okanogan County Council of Governments - Res. 28-2015

Development of a Local Watershed Plan 


Form Council of Governments for Transportation Issues

Multi Hazard Mitigation Plan

Agreement with OCOG

Membership Agreement - OCCOG

Pacific County - Resolution 4-2000 Procurement Agreement 
PSIS, Fire District No. 3 - Resolution 23-2010 Fire Protection Services 

Region Six Fire Investigation Task Force - Res. 04-2010


Riverside, Town of - Resolution 43-2012


Riverside, Town of - Res. 13-2013

Provide Fire Investigation Services 


Storm System Damage


Building Inspection Services

Washington State Department of Transportation 

Washington State Department of Transportation - Res. 38-2013


Washington State Department of Transportation - Res. 47-2013


Washington State Department of Transportation - Res. 53-2013


Washington State Department of Transportation - Res. 29-2014


Washington State Department of Transportation - Res. 34-2014

Washington State Department of Transportation - Res. 61-2014

Washington State Department of Transportation - Res. 15-2015

State Maintenance of Local Agency Owned Traffic Signals

Pedestrian Improvements on SR215 with their Street Project


Move Fire Hydrant on Main Street for 2014 Street Overlay

Night-Time Construction for WDOT 2014 Grind & Pave Project


2014 Street Striping


SR155/East Omak Pedestrian Improvements

Federal Aid Project Prospectus

2015 Street Striping

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife  Sewer Line Connecting WDFW Hatchery to the City Main Line
Washington State Patrol, WA State DOT - Res. 54-2008  Electronic Ticketing and Collision Reports

Washington State Patrol - Res. 65-2008

Washington State Patrol - Res. 02-2014

 Reimbrusable Costs in the Event of a State Fire Mobilization

Inclusion in State Fire Service Mobilization Plan 1/1/14-12/31/18

State of WA Dept. of General Administration Procurement Intergovernmental Agreement for State Purchasing Co-Op

State of Washington Department of Natural Resources

State of Washington Department of Natural Resources 33-2013

State of Washington Department of Natural Resources 46-2014

State of Washington Department of Natural Resources

State of Washington Department of Natural Resources 47-2016

 Federal Excess Property Program Co-Op Fire Equipment
 Emergency Land Use Agreement with DNR for Airport Helitack

 Emergency Land Use Greement with DNR for Airport Helitack

 Park Use Agreement for Carlton Complex Fire

 Interlocal Agreement Airport Development

State of WA Administrative office of the Courts Res. 51-2009  Provide High Speed Internet Connection to the JIS System 
Washington State Dept. of Transportation - Res. 17-2007   Allow Placement of a City Entrance Marker on SR 215
Oroville, Okanogan, Tonasket - Resolution 08-2011   Building Official & Permit Administrator Services


Oroville, Okanogan - Resolution 13-2012

 Providing for Mosquito Spraying

Joint Mosquito Spraying Services

Okanogan County Resolution 45-2011   Solid Waste Disposal System

 WA State Department of Transportation Resolution 77-2011

 WA State Department of Transporation Resolution 34-2014

 WA State Department of Enterprise Services Res. 37-2013

 Omak Trail Maintenance Agreement

Federal Aid Project Agreement

State Purchasing Contract

 Interlocal Agreement with Okanogan PUD
 Resolution 44-2017
 Interlocal Agreement with the City of Pateros
 Resolution 27-2017

Updated Agreements through Resolution 21-2015 dated 7/20/2015

with the exception of 50-2014 - Pending Signature