City Utilities

For questions about our utility rates, please call City Hall at 509-826-1170.


The City of Omak provides water, sewer, solid waste and storm drain services.  Please call the Omak City Hall at 509-826-1170 to arrange for utility services.  All accounts are kept in the name of the property owner and they are held responsible for payment of all rates and charges.  However, a copy of the utility billing will be issued to a tenant if requested to do so by the property owner.  

City Water Services

City Sewer Services

City Garbage Services

All City water services are metered.  The majority of resident-ail water services are a 5/8 x 3/4 inch meter.  We charge a base rate which allows our customer to use 1,000 cubic feet or 7,480 gallons of water per month.  The charge for water consumed beyond 1,000 cubic feet is charged an additional rate for each 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons. 

The residential single family rate for sewer is a flat rate per month.  Multi-Residential dwellings are charged a flat rate per unit.  Commercial sewer charges are based on the winter water consumption excluding any additional charge for sprinkling and irrigation water with a minimum charge per establishment.  Our commercial rate structure is set up with categories.  each category will be charge a rate per 100 cubic feet of water consumed. 

The City of Omak has a universal compulsory solid waste collection system.  The following rates apply to single family residents with once a week service.  There is a variety of solid waste collection services for our commercial customers.  Further rates can be viewed on our fee schedule page.


Storm Drain Services

Utility Taxes

Senior Discount Rates

The City of Omak offers a reduced rate of 10% on each utility bill for water, sewer and storm drain services for eligible low income senior citizens.  Garbage rates are discounted for a single can service only.  You must be sixty-five years of age or older, and whose total income, including that of his or her spouse or co-tenant, that does not exceed the amount specified in RCW 84.36.38 1 5(b), as now or hereafter amended.  The applicant must occupy the home as the principal place of residence and complete the senior discount application.  For more information, please contact City Hall.

The City of Omak levies a 10% utility tax on all city utility charges.  The revenue from the utility tax helps fund emergency services, city parks, streets, and other vital city services.

A storm drain utility was created in 1984.  While there is not a storm drain system directly in front of every property, it is the city's conclusion that the beneficiaries of the drainage system is all utility customers in Omak and that all properties in the city do contribute water drainage to the system.  

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