The Library Board is a five member board appointed by the mayor with consent of council.  As a member of the Library Board, you oversee the use of the library building on behalf of the city, to protect the city interest in the building and grounds.  They approve maintenance and utility billings and make budget requests as needed.  They also communicate through minutes the news and needs of the library.


Regular Meetings:
Regular Meetings of the Library Board are held on the second Monday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at the Omak City Library.  


Meeting Minutes



Board Members: 





The OMAK Tree Board Consists of five members appointed by the Mayor, which may include any number of interested citizens, including representatives of the park committee, planning commission, business community, school district, electric utilities and neighborhoods.



To develop a written plan and make recommendations for the care, preservation, planting, removal and disposition of trees and shrubs in parks, public property, and rights of way. To develop information and procedures to encourage preservation and establishment of trees on public property.  


Regular Meetings:
The OMAK Tree Board holds meetings as needed. 






The Civil Service Commission, after appointment by the Mayor, shall proceed to the election of a chairman who shall continue in office until subsequent reorganization of the Commission becomes necessary. 


Regular Meetings:
Regular Meetings of the Civil Service Commission  are held on the third Thursday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at Omak City Hall.  


General Rules And Regulations of the Civil Service

 Betsy Rainsford, Chair  Term Expires 7/1/21
 Katie Moomaw  Term Expires 7/1/23
 Cynthia Tollefson  Term Expires 7/1/23
 Brian Bowes
 Term Expires 7/1/20
 Sue Radek  Term Expires 7/1/19
 Ron Schimke   Term Expires 9/30/18
 Charles Pecha   Term Expires 9/30/18
 Natalie Cariker  Term Expires 9/30/2020
 Amber Scott, Secretary  City Staff