Water Department


Phone: (509) 826-1170

Fax:     (509) 826-6531

E-Mail:  water@omakcity.com





Corey Wilder is the Chief Operator of the City Water Department 


Jordan Verstegen is the Assistant Chief Operator.




Under the direction of the Assistant Public Works Director Ken Mears.  They are responsible for checking all well facilities visually, maintaining oil levels for well pumps checking chlorination systems and record flow meter totalizer readings.  They maintain certain equipment at the wells weekly, quarterly and yearly.

They are also responsible for the city water reservoirs.  The city reservoirs are visually checked on a daily basis.  Every quarter the pressure transmitters are checked and yearly they inspect the exteriors and the interior.




These two guys are always eager to assist our citizens with any questions regarding the water service. If you need their expertise, please call City Hall at 826-1170.


On a monthly basis,


The city takes the required number of water samples from various representative sites within the distribution system and they are submitted to the Health District Lab for Bacteriological Analysis.

They are also trained to use the Telemetry System.  This is a wireless system run by radio waves that monitors the city reservoirs and wells.  This computer system monitors the amount of water produced every minute in addition, the system will detects when the pumps are in operation or the reservoirs are running too high or low.  This system is also equipped with an alarm system that notifies the city by phone that a problem exists.

They work together installing new water services to commercial and residential buildings.  They also maintain and repair our existing water lines. 

In addition to these duties, They read an estimated 2025 meters each month.  These readings are used to calculate the monthly utility bills.