Law Enforcement

The City of Omak employs our Police Officers through the Civil Service System.  The City of Omak contracts with Public Safety Testing to administer the written and physical test for Law Enforcement Officers. Lateral and Entry Level Police Officer testing is ongoing through Public Safety Testing.


A Career in Law Enforcement with the City of Omak

The City of Omak was Incorporated in 1911 under the Mayor-Council form of government.  The police department currently consists of 11 full time commissioned police officers including a sergeant, two clerks, and one code enforcement officer. 

The City of Omak is the largest town in Okanogan County and is situated along the Okanogan River.  The City of Omak is the business hub of the county.  We are proud to have retail businesses in every direction of town.  Check out our schools, junior college, medical facilities, hospital and library.  Our population is 4845 and growing!

Omak Civil Service

Amber Scott, Secretary

Connie Thomas, Clerk

P.O. Box 72

Omak, WA  98841

(509) 826~1170


Mission Statement:

We commit ourselves to the professional services of the citizens and guests of the City of Omak.  We are devoted to providing quality service to the community regardless of age, gender, race, religion, socio-economic background, sexual orientation or political affiliation.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards.  We will be diligent and thorough in our investigations, courteous, respectful and accountable to the public and ourselves.  We are in a partnership with the City of Omak to create a safe community.  


Salary Information ~ 2016


General Duties & Responsibilities

* Involve emergencies, vehicle accidents an other incidents  * Secure crime scenes
* Patrol the City of Omak * Interrogate possible suspects, prepare paperwork, present evidence
   and testimony in legal and administrative procedings  
* Issue Citations, make arrests, book and transport suspects  * Have firearm and tazer training 
* Enforce City, State and Federal laws  * Knowledge of computers helpful 
* Exercise power of arrest and control  * Able to write reports with proper grammar usage 
* Provide emergency assistance, maintain peace and protect  those involved  * Able to embrace Community Oriented Policing 
 Salary Range  $4,188 ~ $5,557 per month
Education Incentive  
AA or 90 credit hours 1.5 % of Base Pay 
BA or BS Degree 2.5 % of Base Pay
Masters 5.0 % of Base Pay 
5 years 1 % of Base Pay
10 years 2 % of Base Pay
15 years 3 % of Base Pay
20 years 4 % of Base Pay


The City of Omak offers a generous medical, vision and dental package.  Employees are eligible for retirement benefits  through the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems.  We offer sick leave and vacation based on the time in service.  You are provided uniforms, vests, jackets and firearms.  And yearly on-the-job training.

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Entry Level Officer

* United States citizen 

* 21 years old

* Have a high school diploma or G.E.D. 

* Washington State Driver License or able to obtain one prior to hire 

* Pass oral board exam 

* Pass physical fitness exam 

* Pass background check: medical, polygraph, psychological, criminal records, work history and reference checks. 


Lateral Police Officer

* Must be a graduate from the Washington State   Criminal Justice Training   Center Academy or successfully pass the     equivalency academy within one year of hire. 
* Must be off probation with current agency.